Fun facts: Canada in the UK

Fun Facts Alert!

Impress your friends, win a pub quiz or just brush up on your Canadiana with our list of facts about Canadian things in the UK (courtesy of The High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom’s #50cdnthings list).

  • It’s estimated that 250,000 Canadians live in the United Kingdom. That’s like the whole city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan relocating here.
  • Is that toast you’re eating? It’s probably made with Canadian wheat. British bakery Warburtons has used Canadian wheat for almost its entire 140 year history.
  • Speaking of Saskatchewan, the province produces nearly half of the world’s lentils.
  • Fancy some DIY? The paint roller was invented by Torontonian Norman Breakey in 1940.
  • The table in the centre of the floor of the House of Commons was donated to the UK by Canada after the blitz; it is inscribed “The Gift of Canada.”
  • The famous Boris Bikes of London (okay, Santander Cycles) are built by Quebec company Cycles Devinci.
  • Famous bears of literature for $200, Alex. Winnie the Pooh was named after a black bear gifted to ZFL London Zoo. She was brought to the UK as a mascot for a WWI regiment (yes, SHE!). Her full name was Winnipeg.
  • Yes, ma’am! Nestled between Green Park and Buckingham Palace sits The Canada Gate, a gift to the UK after the death of Queen Victoria. It includes the emblems of 9 Canadian provinces (which existed at the time).


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